Prayer Organization Directory

Information taken from Operation World - 7th Edition 2010. This list is missing quite a few. If you know of some agencies not included (esp. from Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa & S America) contact us using the link at the bottom (press "Z" to see the webmaster email address) and include as much information as possible.

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TOP 1 - 9
4 - 14 Window Global Initiative 4 to 14 Raising awareness of the 4 to 14 age group.
24 / 7 Prayer International An international interdenominational movement of prayer, mission and justice, now in over 100 countries.
30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World Resources on how to pray for Muslims.
30 Days Muslim Prayer Focus Praying for the Muslim world in 30 short sections. Affiliated with which is the International site.
30 Days Hindu Prayer Focus Praying for the Hindu world in 30 short sections.
40 Days of Prayer & Fasting For Iran Prayer and Fasting for Iran.
AFM (Anglican Frontier Missions) People Profiles People group profiles for prayer, by Anglican Frontier Missions.
Arise Shine Morocco Prayer for Morocco
Asia Harvest Newsletter option, people group profiles for Asian countries.
Australia Prayer Network A resource for those called to pray for Australia and the world.
Awaken the Watchmen 24 - 7 Prayer Resources for establishing 24 - 7 prayer watches.
Bibleless Peoples Prayer Project Focused prayer on language groups still awaiting God's Word.
Campus America Raising up prayer on every college campus in the USA.
Cry Out Now Prayer resources for the fertile crescent.
Day of Prayer and Fasting for World Evangelism & International Missions Board. Prayer and fasting for world evangelism.
Days of Prayer for Nepal Prayer for Nepal. (Site may have been hijacked).
Every Home For Christ School of prayer, groups and resources.
Ethnê Prayer networks for the world's least reached peoples.
FFM Prayer Bulletin & Emphasis on Muslims
Generals International Reformation prayer network (RPN), spiritual warfare, prophetic words.
Global Day of Prayer A 10 - day and 90 - day prayer guide for the days before and after the GDOP. Pentecost Sunday.
Global Day of Prayer - Myanmar (Burma) Prayer for Burma (Myanmar).
Global Day of Prayer - Tibet Prayer for Tibet and Tibetans
Global Prayer Connection Connecting people to form prayer groupsand pray online for any local, national or global issue.
Global Prayer Digest Monthly prayer guides for Frontier Ventures.
Harvest Prayer Ministries Equipping the local Church to become a house of prayer for the nations.
Hollywood Prayer Network Mobilizing prayer for the globally influential entertainment industry.
Intercessors Arise International Training and resources to develop mission-oriented intercession.
Intercessors for America Intercessory prayer for America.
Intercessors Network Excellent prayer and mission-focused news from around the world.
Intercessory Prayer Ministry International U.S. and worldwide prayer networking and information.
International Day of Prayer for Peace International Ecumenical Peace Convocation (IEPC) website. World Sunday for peace.
International Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem First Sunday of October each year.
International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church Resources to pray for the persecuted Church worldwide.
International House of Prayer 24 hour intercessory worship and prayer.
International Prayer Connect A network of networks, connecting prayer movements globally. Free video and written resources for mobilizing prayer for adults, youth and children.
IPMI Monthly Prayer Calls Occurs monthly.
Iran 30 Pray for Iran
Iraq Prayer Prayer and intercession for Iraq.
Japan Prayer Network japanprayernetwork.vom Prayer For Japan
Jerico Walls International Prayer Network Mobilizing the global Church as a house of prayer for all nations.
Jewish Prayer Guide Prayer guide in praying for Jews and for peace in Jerusalem.
Joel News International Worldwide news on Kingdom breakthroughs and prayer needs.
Joshua Project Worldwide people group information, including people-of-the-day prayer.
Kids Prayer Network Resource for praying kids and for teaching kids to pray.
Light For Libya Prayer for Libya.
Love Singapore Prayer for Singapore
Love Timor Leste Prayer for East Timor. Contact by email.
Luke 18 Project Planting and fuelling prayer furnaces on every campus.
Lydia Fellowship International Women's prayer network, with regional and local branches.
Malasia Prayer Net Prayer for Malasia.
Moms in Prayer International Praying for children and schools.
National Day of Prayer National Day of Prayer for U.S.A.
National Pastors' Prayer Network Encouraging citywide pastoral prayer groups; articles on prayer.
North Korea Prayer for North Korea.
OMF (Overseas Mission Fellowship aka CIM Resources for praying for the Chinese Silk Road People.
Operation World Definitive Prayer Guide for every nation. Resource Directory
Peoples Around the World Prayer information for the world's peoples by affinity blocs.
Pray 30 Days International Praying for the Muslim world in 30 short sections. Affiliated with which is the North American counterpart.
Pray For China Prayer for China
Pray For Denmark Pray for Denmark
Pray For Europe Prayer information for European countries.
Pray For France Pray for France
Pray Malta Prayer For Malta
Prayer Alert Mobilizing prayer for and across the British Isles and Ireland.
Prayer Cast Content and media rich country profiles for prayer.
Prayer Central Offering tools and equipping intercessors.
Prayer for Thailand Thailand Prayer for Thailand
Prayer Guard Set up or connect to a prayer network for any missionary or unreached people.
Prayer Planet Online prayer network with customizable prayer groups and themes.
Praying Through the Arabian Penninsula Broad source of information and resources for prayer for this region.
Purposeful Africa Prayer profiles for countries of West Africa and African related issues.
Revive Tunisia revivetunisia Prayer for Tunisia
SIM People Group Profiles People group profiles for prominent African groups.
Somalia and Somalis Worldwide Prayer for Somalia
South Asian Peoples Downloadable prayer guides for religious blocs and issues of South Asia.
Southeast Asian Peoples Links to prayer resources for the countries and some people groups in this region.
Southeast Asian Prayer Center Prayer info on Southeast Asian nations with no dedicated website; specific prayer points sent in by email.
Turkey Day of Prayer Prayer for Turkey
Turkish World Outreach News and prayer information fo Turks and ministry to Turkic peoples.
Viva Network Prayer for children at risk.
Waymakers Guides for prayer-walking, praying for your city and other practical prayer matters.
West Africa Prayer requests and people group profiles for West African peoples.
Window International Network Praying through the 10 / 40 window.
Womens World Day of Prayer worlddayofprayer Occurs in March each year.
Wycliffe International Prayer Focus Weekly prayer and praise updates from around the world.