International Mission Organization Directory

Information taken from Operation World - 7th Edition 2010. This list is missing quite a few. If you know of some agencies not included (esp. from Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa & S America) contact us using the link at the bottom (press "Z" to see the webmaster email address) and include as much information as possible.

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LCWE The Lausanne Movement

A worldwide movement that mobilizes evangelical leaders to collaborate for world evangelization. Formerly the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelizatoin.

CRD World Christian Resources Directory Resource directory, tips, articles
WEA World Evangelical Alliance The major body of global evangelical unity and cooperation.
- Ethnê A global network focused on the least-reached people groups of the world.
- Transform World A global movement fostering cooperative ministry to address all areas of need in society.
AERDO Association of Evangelical Relief & Development Organizations A network of agencies and a catalist for learning, collaborating and building Christ-centered unity around the shared vision of eliminating poverty.
- Call2All A partnership of mission agencies, denominations and organizations working toward the fulfillment od the Great Commission in this generation, with a core group of key U.S. agencies; sponsors a series of large congresses.
DAWN Dawn Ministries Encourages and helps national cooperative initiatives in saturation church planting.
- Faith2Share An international network of Christian mission agencies that, together, strengthen indiginous movements of the mission of God.
IMTN International Missionary Training Network A WEA network developing best practices for missionary training.
TOP Integral Alliance A global alliance of Christian relief and development agencies, working together to present a more effective response to poverty worldwide.
- Micah Network A group of over 330 Christian relief, development and justice organizations from 81 countries.
LPI Langham Partnership International International networking alongside church leaders globally, especiaqlly Majority World, planting national movements for biblical preaching, providing and creating evangelical literature, and funding faculty development in theological education.
NPN Nomadic Peoples Network Giving attention to the many nomadic peoples of the world and the unique means required to bring Christ to them.
RHP Refugee Highway Partnership A network of individuals and ministries engaged in reaching out to people along the many phases of internal and international displacement.
TEENET Theological Education by Extension Network A global network of persons engaged in contextual, community-based and open theological education, helping the indigenous Church through formats such as Distance Education, Theological Education by Extension, and Diversified Learning.
TOPIC Trainers of Pastors International Coalition International network equipping pastors to lead churches, especially in regions where formalized training is lacking.
TOP VisionSynergy Developing strategic international Christian networks focused on high-impact opportunities for world evangelization.
- Viva Network A global network of ministries working with children at risk.
WEA-MC World Evangelical Alliance - Mission Commission A global network of national and regional mission association leaders.
- AEA Association of Evangelicals of Africa
- AFMIN Africa Ministries Network
- MANI Movement for African National Initiatives
- AEA Asia Evangelical Alliance
- AMA Asia Mission Association
- SEALink Related to the Ethnê movement Southeast Asia Unreached Peoples Network
- EAC Evangelical Association of the Carribean
- EEA European Evangelical Alliance
- - Hope For Europe
- - Mission-Net (European Youth Mission Congress)
Latin America
TOP COMIBAM Cooperación Missionara Iberoamericana
- FIDE Latin American Evangelical Fellowship
North America
- COMHINA Cooperación Missioneara de los Hispanos de Norteamerica
- - Cross Global Link
- EMS Evangelical Missiological Society
- - The Mission Exchange
South Pacific Evangelical Alliance
Argentina RMM Red Missiones Mundiales (COMIBAM)
Australia AEA Australian Evangelical Alliance
- - Missions Interlink
Austria AEA Austrian Evangelical Alliance
- - Allianz Evangelikaler Missionen-Osterreich
Belgium AEFB - Alliance Evangélique Francophone de Beligique (French Speaking Alliance)
- EAV Evangelische Allientie Vlaandern (Flemish Speaking Alliance)
Brazil AMTB Associacão de Missões Transculturais Brasilerias
Canada EFC Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
Chile CMI Cooperación Missionera Iberamericana Chile (COMIBAM)
China: Hong Kong CCCOWE Chinese Coordination Center of World Evangelism
TOP HKACM Hong Kong Association of Christian Missions
China: Taiwan CCEA Global Mission Center, Chinese Christian Evangelistic Association
- TMF Taiwan Missionary Fellowship
Colombia CCMM
Centro Colombiano de Missiones Mundiales (COMIBAM)
Caosta Rica FEDEMEC Federación Missionera Evangélica Costarricense
Denmark - Danish Evangelical Alliance
- DMR Danish Mission Council
Egypt EFE Fellowship of Evangelicals in Egypt
Estonia - Evangelism & Missions Workgroup, Eastonian Evangelical Alliance
Finland FMC Finnish Mission Council
- MESK Finnish Evangelical Alliance
France AEF l' Alliance Evangélique Francaise
- FMEF Fédération de Missions Evangéliques Francophones
Germany AEM Arbeitsgemeinschaft Evangelikaler Missionen
- EAD Die Evangelische Allianze in Deutschland
Ghana GEMA Ghana Evangelical Mission Association
Guatamala CONEM Cooperación National Evangilica de Missiones (COMIBAM)
Hungary TOP Hungarian Evangelical Alliance - Mission Commission
Iceland IMS Icelandic Mission Society
India AICC All Indian Christian Council
- CONS HBI Ministries / Council on National Service
India EFI Evangelical Fellowship of India
India IMA India Mission Association
Indonesia - - Bless Indonesia
- IPN - Indonesia People Network
- PGLII Persekutuan Gereja - Gereja dan Lembaga - Lembaga Injili Indonesia (Indonesian Ebvangelical Alliance)
Ireland EAI Evangelical Alliance of Ireland
- IMAP Ireland Mission Agencies Partnership
Israel UCCI United Christian Council in Israel
Japan JEMA Japanese Evangelical Missionary Association
- JOMA (link not working) Japanese Overseas Mission Association
Korea CCK Christian Council of Korea
- KNCC National Council of Churches in Korea
- KRIM Korea Research Institute for Missions
- KWMA Korean World Mission Association
Malaysia NECF National Evangelical Christian Fellowship
TOP MCGM Malasian Center for Global Ministry
Mexico COMIMEX Cooperación Missionera de méxico
Mongolia JCS Joint Christian Services International
Nepal - Himalayan Mission
- inf International Nepal Fellowship
Netherlands EA Evangelische Alliante
- EZA Evangelische Zendingsalliantie
New Zealand - Missions Interlink
Nigeria AESA Association of Evangelicals in Nigeria
- NEF Nigeria Evangelical Fellowship
- NEMA Nigerian Evangelical Mission Asdsociation
Norway NORME Norwegian Council for Mission & Evangelism
Phillippines ACM Asian Center For Missions
- PCEC Phillipine Council of Evangelical Churches
- PMA Phillippines Mission Association
Portugal AEP Alianca Evangélica Portuguesa - Mission Commission
Puerto Rico RECOMI Red de Cooperación Missionera de Puerto Rico
Singapore EFOS Evangelical Fellowship of Singapore
TOP SGCM Singapore Center for Global Missions
South Africa TEASA The Evangelical Alliance of South Africa
- WENSA World Evangelism Network of South Africa
Spain AEE Alianza Evangélica Espanola
Sri Lanka NCEASL National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka
Sweden SEA Evangelical Alliance of Sweden
- SMC Swedish Mission Council
Switzerland AEM Arbeitsgemeinschaft Evangelischer Missionen
- SEA Schweizerische Évangélische Allianz Alliance Evangelique Suisse
Thailand EFT Evangelical Fellowship of Thailand
United Kingdom EA Evangelical Alliance
- GC Global Connections
United States AIMS Accelerating International Missions Strategies
TOP NAE National Association of Evangelicals
- USCWM US Center for World Missions
- FV Pasadena CA. Services to World Mission Agencies