Mission Agencies

Information taken from Operation World - 7th Edition 2010. This list is missing quite a few. If you know of some agencies not included (esp. from Russia, China) contact us using the link at the bottom (press "Z" to see the webmaster email address) and include as much information as possible.

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Top A
ABWE Association of Baptists for World Evangelism abwe.org USA, Canada. 1053 workers in 61 fields; USA(135), Brazil(91), S Africa(52), Togo(47)
AE African Enterprise africanenterprise.org South Africa. N America(2), Europe(3), Australia 10 teams in 8 African Countries.
AEFI Asia Evangelistic Fellowship aefi.org.au Australia, Singapore, Canada. USA, 200 workers in SE Asia region.
AI Action International Ministries actionintl.org USA, Canada, Europe. 362 workers in 24 countries; Phillippines(91), USA(68), Brazil(32), Zambia(19).
AIM AIM International aimint.org UK, USA, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Netherlands, S Africa. 615 workers in over 20 countries, Kenya(210), USA(147), Tanzania(43).
AM Antioch Mission (Brazil) missaoantioquia.com 95 workers in 21 countries; Brazil(20), Bolivia(17), Burkina Faso(8), UK(7).
AoG Assembblies of God worldmissions.ag.org USA, Australia, Brazil, NZ, UK. 2,355 workers in 153 countries &regions; Mexico(79), S Africa(73), India(61), Phillippines(60), Kenya(42), other Asian countries(264).
AOI Asian Outreach International asian outreach.org HK, Australia, Canada, NZ, Singapore, UK, USA, Asia. 670 workers throughout Asia.
AV Avant Ministries (formerly GMU) avantministries.org USA, Canada. 269 workers in 24 countries; Spain(42), Bolivia(28), Italy(25), Ecuador(23), Brazial(19).
AWM Arab World Ministries awm.org UK, Canada, Europe. (USA branch merged with Pioneers; 419 workers, mainly in Arab-speaking world and Europe.
Top B
BBF Baptist Bible Fellowship International bbfmissions.com USA. 710 workers in 79 countries; UK(55), Phillippines(46), Kenya(34), Brazil(32), Australia(28), Argentina(17).
BCB Baptist Convention of Brazil jmm.org.br Brazil. 153 workers in 12 countries; Spain(14), Portugal(10), Mozambique(7).
BGC / CW Baptist General Conference Board / Converge Worldwide scene3.org USA. 84 workers in 12 countries; Phillippines(17), Cameroon(16), Brazil(13), Mexico(11).
BI Bethany International bethanyinternational.org USA, Singapore. 145 workers in 22 countries; Brazil(15), Mexico(10).
BIM Baptist International Missions bimi.org USA.755 workers in 78 countries; Japan(68), Mexico(55), Brazil(48), Uganda(36), Phillippines(35).
BMM Baptist Mid-Missions bmm.org USA, Canada. 521 workers in 50 countries; Brazil(139), USA(48), France(29), Zambia(15).
BMS BMS World Mission bmsworldmission.org UK. 183 workers in 33 countries; UK(26), Nepal(25), Brazil(11), Uganda(10).
BMW Biblical Ministries Worldwide www.biblicalministries.org USA. 191 workers in 29 countries; UK(22), Germany(16), S Africa(12), Ecuador(10).
BWM Baptist World Mission baptistworldmission.org USA. 683 workers in 68 countries; Brazil(46), Nepal(35), Rep Congo(33), SE Asia(30, France(24).
    Brigada Resources for Missions USA
Top C
C Crosslinks crosslinks.org UK. 113 workers in 22 countries; UK(24),S Africa(18), Tanzania(9), Uganda(6).
City Vision University & Tech Vision Christian Volunteering Org. Matches volunteers to Organizations
CC / CC Christian Churches / Churches of Christ (USA) - USA. 629 workers in 69 countries; Brazil(103), UK(52), Mexico(38), Japan(36) Germany(28), Kenya(22).
Christar Christar International (formerly IMI) christar.org USA, Canada. 338 workers; USA(40), majority in Asian countries.
CAMI CAM International caminternational.org USA, Canada. 210 workers in 11 countries; Mexico(80), Guatamala(48), Honduras(26), Spain(16).
CAPRO Calvary Ministries capromissions.org Nigeria. 609 workers (from around 20 countries) in 31 countries; Nigeria, Togo, Côte d'Ivoire, Kenya, Sudan.
CB / CCML Christian Brethren Assemblies; Echoes of Service (UK), Christian Mission in Many Lands (Australia) echoes.org.uk &
UK, USA, Australia, Canada, NZ. Christian Brethren Missions: 836 workers in 74 countries; Mexico(62), France(33), Zambia(25), Bolivia(25), Peru(22), Ireland(14), Spain(11).
CCML: 609 workers in 62 countries; Mexico(56), Zambia(49), France(31), Peru(29), Ireland(27), Bolivia(25), Spain(2).
Echoes of Service: 315 workers in 39 countries; France(47), Zambia(35), Italy(22), Ireland(20, Spain(11), Bolivia(8), Peru(4), Mexico(3).
CBIM Canadian Baptist International Ministries cbmin.org Canada.73 workers in 12 countries; Canada(33), Kenya(10).
CCCI Campus Crusade for Christ International ccci.org USA, Australia, Canada, S Africa, UK. 9,913 workers in 128 countries; USA(6,469), Korea(847), E. Asia(462), Singapore(131), Thailand(120).
CEF Child Evangelism Fellowship cefonline.com USA, Canada, Korea. 403 workers in 89 countries; USA(140), UK(14), Zambia(13), Japan(8), Brazil(6), Phillippines(6), Suriname(6).
CLC CLC International clc.org.uk UK, Australia, N America, Europe. 626 workers in 56 countries; UK(58), India(47), France(44), Colombia(41), Chile(34), Japan(24).
CMA Christian & Missionary Alliance cmalliance.org USA, Canada, HK, Peru, Phillippines. 586 workers in 39 countries and regions; Japan(50), Indonesia(30), Canada(28), Mexico(20), Peru(16).
CMF Christian Missionary Foundation fmcfondation.com/
Nigeria, Côte d'Ivoire. 400 plus workers in WQest African Countries.
CMS Church Mission Society cms-uk.org UK, Ireland, Australia. 354 workers in 50 countries; UK(69), Uganda(29), Paraguay(18), Kenya(16), Chile(13), Tanzania(12).
CoGWM Church of God World Missions cogwm.org USA. 320 workers in 72 countries; Phillippines(20), Albania(21), Germany(14), UK(12), Ecuador(10).
CoN Church of the Nazarene nazareneworldmission.org USA, UK. 423 workers in 95 countries; Argentina(23), PNG(20), Phillippines(17), S Africa(17), Guademala(14), Kenya(12).
CP The Crescent Project crescentproject.org USA, Reaching Muslims
CRWM Christian Reformed World Missions crcna.org/pages/
USA, Canada. 129 workers in 22 countries; Nigeria( 22), USA( 20), Mexico(16), Guinea(13), Japan(12).
CW Crossworld (formerly UFM) crossworld.org USA, Canada. 353 workers in 38 countries; Brazil(45), USA(38), Canada(27), France(27), Italy(17), Haiti(16).
Top D
DM Dorthea Mission dorothea.org.za S Africa, UK. 58 workers in 6 countries; S Africa(18), Zimbabwe(16), Mozambique(8), Malawi(6).
DMG Deutsche Missionsgemeinschaft (German Missionary Fellowship) dmgint.de Germany. 352 workers in 81 countries; Brazil(24), Germany(23), Kenya(19), Austria(18), Russia(17).
Top E
ECM European Christian Mission ecmbritain.org UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, USA. 160 workers in 17 countries; Spain(34), France(20), Portugal(19), Austria(15), Italy(12), Albania(8).
EHC Every Home for Christ ehc.org USA, Australia, Canada, Europe, UK, S Africa. Work is in 130 nations.
ELCA Evangelical Lutheran Church in America elca.org USA. 196 workers in 39 countries; USA(44), Japan(29), Tanzania(21), Senegal(12), Cameroon(10).
Top F
F Frontiers frontiers.org UK. Europe(7), Americas(7), Asia(3), Africa(1). 950 workers in 52 countries & regions; Asia(245), Africa(245), M. East(206), W. Asia(155).
FEBC Far East Broadcasting Company febc.org USA, Australia, NZ, Korea. 198 workers in 10 countries; Korea(145), Canada(25).
FH Food for the Hungry fh.org USA, Canada, Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, UK. 964 workers in 72 countries; Phillippines(69), Thailand(27), from Korea, 359 worldwide.
FIDA Finnish International Development Agency fidadevelopment.fi Finland. 411 workers in 37 countries; Asia(133), Europe(93), Africa(71).
FMI Foursquare Missions International fmi.foursquare.org USA. 137 workers in 147 countries.
FMPB Friends Missionary Prayer Band fmpb-vlk.tk India. 886 workers in South Asia.
FMWM Free Methodist World Missions fmwm.org USA. 114 workers in 82 countries.
FV Frontier Ventures frontierventures.org Pasadena CA. Services to World Mission Agencies
Top G
GCMT Great Commission Movement Trust - India. 1045 full time workers; 209 cross cultural. Based in Gujarat
GEM Greater Europe Mission gemission.org USA, Canada. 296 workers in 27 countries; Germany(90), France(28), Romania(16), Austria(14), Netherlands(14).
GEMS Gospel Echoing Missionary Society gemsbihar.org India. 2,025 workers, mostly Northern India but some in neighboring S. Asian countries.
GFA Gospel For Asia gfa.org USA, Canada, Germany, UK; 9,550 workers in 9 countries of South and East Asia
GI The Gideons International gideons.org Bible Distributions
GI Global Interactions (formerly ABMS) globalinteraction.org.au Australia. 180 workers, mostly in Asia.
GMS Global Mission Society - Presbyterian Church (Hapdong) gms.kr Korea. 1,991 workers in 100 countries; Asia(1,264), Africa(210), Europe(174), L America(139).
GRN Global Recordings Network globalrecordings.net USA, bases in Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Pacific. 362 workers in 67 countries; USA(35), India(17), Nigeria(15), Liberia(12), Mexico(11).
Top H
HCJB HCJB Global hcjb.org USA, Australia, Canada, UK. 271 workers in 22 countries; USA(89), Ecuador(87), Singapore(14), Australia(8), Spain(8), Czech Republic(6).
Top I
I Interserve interserve.org.uk UK, Australia, Canada, Korea, Netherlands, NZ, USA. 1,006 workers in 45 countries / regions; mainly Asia and middle East.
IA Inter Act - Evangeliska Frikyrkan (Formerly Inter Act - Nygybbet-Kristen samverkan) efk.se Sweden. 73 workers in 23 cuntries; Asia & Middle East(36), Europe(14), Africa912).
iem India Evangelical Mission indiaevangelical.org India. 463 workers throughout India.
IET Indian Evangelical Team; ietmissions.org India. 2,093 workers, 465 serve cross-culturally; Largly in India with a few workers in Bhutan and Nepal.
IFES Intternational Fellowship of Evangelical Students ifesworld.org UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, N America & all regions around the world; 104 workers in 51 countries.
IMB International Mission Board (formerly SBC) imb.org USA, Canada. 5,110 workers - all regions of th eworld, esp. Asia & Africa.
ISI International Students Incorporated isionline.org USA. 183 workers, 180 in USA working cross-culturally with international students.
IT International Teams iteams.org USA, Australia, Canada, UK. 299 workers in26 countries; USA(85), Austria(30), Ecuador(18), Costa Rica(17), France(16).
Top J
JFJ Jews For Jesus jewsforjesus.org USA, UK. 213 workers; USA(203).
Joshua Project joshuaproject.net A Ministry of Frontier Ventures
Top K
KBC Korea Baptist Convention fmb.or.kr Korea. 635 workers in 53 countries; Asia(462), Europe(75), L America(19).
KMCBM Korea Methodist Church Board of Missions kmc.co.kr Korea. 962 workers in 72 countries; Phillippines(80), Japan(41), Malaysia(37), Thailand(28), Other Asian(434), Africa(82), L America(35).
Top L
LAM Latin America Mission lam.org USA, Canada. 169 workers in 15 countries; Costa Rica(38), Mexico(37), USA(19), Colombia(13), Brazil(11).
LCMS Lutheran Church Missouri Synod lcms.org USA. 93 workers in 18 countries; USA(34), China TW(9), Puerto Rico(8), Japan(7).
LL Latin Link latinlink.org UK. 110 workers in 13 countries; Peru(20), Bolivia(18(, Brazil(18), Argentina(13), Ecuador(12).
LM Liebenzell Mission liebenzell.org Germany, USA, Canada,Netherlands. 279 workers in 27 countries; Japan(32), Zambia(30), PNG(28), Micronesia(23).
Top M
MAF Mission Aviation Fellowship maf.org USA, Australia, Canada, Europe, NZ, UK. 753 workers in 35 countries; N America(337), Asia(136), Africa(106), L America(72).
MECO Middle East Christian Outreach aboutmeco.org UK, Australia, Canada, NZ, S Africa, USA. 117 workers in 9 Middle East countries.
MS Mercy Ships mercyships.org USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, Korea, NZ, S Africa, UK. 589 cross-cultural workers in 6 countries; Liberia(367), Ghana(113), Sierra Leone(106).
MF Mission Frontiers missionfrontiers.org The publication of Frontier Ventures.
MTW Mission to the World mtw.org USA. 539 workers in 56 countries; USA(69), Mexico(40), UK(31), Japan(29), Peru(26), Ukraine(25).
MBI Mioody Bible Institute moody.edu Also Moody Publishers and Moody Broadcasting, both in Chicago IL.
Top N
N, Nav Navigators navigators.org USA, Australia, Canada, Korea, NZ, Singapore, UK. 4,647 workers, 1,265 cross cultural in 108 countries.
NMMI Native Missionary Movement India nmmindia.org India. 1,012 full time workers, 77 cross cultural. Based in Rajasthan but working in 14 states.
NTM New Tribes Mission ntm.org USA, Australia, Canada, Netherlands. 2,467 workers in 26 countries; Brazil(493), Indonesia(469), PNG(459), Phillippines(230), Venezuela(124), Mexico(80), Thailand(68).
Top O
OC OC International onechallenge.org USA, UK. 400 workers in 25 countries; USA(110), Asia(106), Brazil(39), Romania(18), S Africa(15).
OD Open Doors od.org UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Netherlands, Korea, NZ, USA.
OM Operation Mobilization om.org UK, Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, India, Korea, NZ, Singapore, S Africa, USA. 6,332 workers in 87 countries/regions/ministries; Asia(2,881), Europe(928), M East(445), Ships(441, Africa(392), Central Asia(265), L America(160).
OMF OMF International omf.org Singapore, Australia, Canada, Korea, NZ, UK, USA. 1,557 workers in 22 countries of Asia.
OMS OMS International omsinternational.org USA, Australia, Canada, NZ, S Africa, UK. 423 workers in 30 countries; USA(119), L America(90), Asia(60), Europe(45).
OPREV Operation Reveille OPREV org / Agencies

Service personnel in cross-cultural ministry
Top P
P Pioneers pioneers.org USA, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, UK. 1,166 workers in 5 regions of the world.
PAoC Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada paoc.org Canada. 137 workers in 27 countries; Canada(46), Malawi(12), Mozambique(8).
PC (T-hap) Presbyrtian Church ( Tonghap) pckwm.org Korea. 1,144 workers in 83 vcountries; Asia(667), Europe(136), L America(122), Africa(77), Pacific(29).
PCUSA Presbyterian Church (USA) pcusa.org USA. 374 workers in 4 regions of the world; Asia(89), L America(88), Africa(82), Europe(37), unspecified(78).
PI Partners International partnersintl.org USA, Australia, Canada, NZ, UK. 65 workers in Asia and N America.
Top Q
Top R
RA ReachAcross (Formerly RSTI) reachacross.net UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, NZ, Switzerland, USA. 51 workers in six 10/40 window countries.
RG ReachGlobal - EFCA efca.org/reachglobal USA, Canada. 461 workers in 48 countries; USA(101), Europe(148), Asia(118), L America(55), Africa(28).
Top S
SA Salvation Army salvationarmy.org UK, Australia, Canada, NZ, USA. 245 workers in 48 countries; Europe(67), Africa(66), L America(33).
SAT-7 SAT-7 sat7.org Cyprus, Europe, N America, UK. 138 workers in media ministry to the Arab speaking world.
SEND SEND International send.org USA, Canada, Europe. 560 workers in 19 countries; Europe(214), Asia(183) N America(163).
SIM Serve India Ministries serveindiaministries.org USA, Charleston, IL.
SIM SIM International sim.org USA, Australia, Brazil, Canada, E Asia, Europe,Korea, S Africa, UK. 1,600 workers in 51 countries; USA(233), Ethiopia(78), Niger(77), Nigeria(74), Bolivia(58), Kenya(31), S Africa(25), Ghana(21), Paraguay(18).
SMB Synod Mission Board - India. 1,826 workers; strong emphasis on training women for ministry and social development areas.
SPM Swedish Pentacostal Movement pingst.se Sweden. 332 workers in 63 countries; Thailand(33), Bulgaria(24), Tanzania(18), Argentina(11).
Top T
TEAM The Evangelical Alliance Mission TEAM Global Alliance
of Churches and Missionaries
USA; 575 Missionaries and 75 staff
TEAM The Evangelical Alliance Mission teamworld.org USA, Canada. 672 workers in 45 countries; Asia(306), Europe(144), Africa(43), L America(43).
TEAR TearFund tearfund.org UK. 48 long term workers in 29 countries; larger number of short term workers assist in projects at any one time.
TPM The Paul Mission bauri.org Korea. 328 workers in 84 countries; Phillippines(21), Japan(19), W Asia(12) Other Asia(106).
TWR Trans World Radio twr.org USA, Canada, Singapore, S Africa, UK. 14o workers in 11 countries; USA(51), S Africa(21), Austria(16), Singapore(11).
Top U
UFM UFM Worldwide ufm.org.uk UK. 95 workers in 22 countries; Brazil(25), UK(16), PNG(8), FrNCE(6).
Top V
VDM Vereinigte Deutsche Missionshilfe (United German Mission Aid Association) vdm.org Germany. 217 workers in 40 countries; Peru(30), Germany(18), Spain(16), Brazil(14), S Africa(14), Paraguay(11).
VOM Voice of the Martyrs persecution.com Worldwide. Founded in 1967 by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand. Ministry to persecuted Christians.
VV Vishwa Vani vishwavaniweb.com India. 2,123 workers in 25 states in India
Top W
WTB Wycliffe Bible Translators wycliffe.org USA, Australia, Canada, NZ, S Africa, UK. 5,021 workers in 50 countries; Asia(1,181), Africa(1,066), L America(706), PNG(510), USA, 407), Canada(261), Phillippines(245), Europe(204).
WEC WEC International wec-int.org.uk UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada, HK, Korea, NZ, Singapore, S Africa, USA. 1,819 workers in 80 countries; Asia(150), Brazil(65), Spain(43), S Africa(34), Thailand(34).
WGM World Gospel Mission wgm.org USA, Canada. 256 workers in 15 countries; USA(82), Kenya(46), Bolivia(37), Mexico(12).
WH World Horizons International worldhorizons.org Spain, Brazil, France, UK, USA. 381 workers in 31 countries; Europe(158), N Africa(57), Asia(46), other Africa(23).
WT World Team worldteam.org USA, Australia, Canada. 324 workers in 30 countries; USA(52), Cambodia(29), PNG(23), Cameroon(19), France(17).
WV World Venture (Formerly CBI) worldventure.com USA. 463 workers in 61 countries; Asia(89), Phillippines(33), Senegal(30), Brazil(22), Uganda(19), Spain(15).
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Top Y
YFC Youth For Christ yfc.net USA, Australia, Canada, Singapore, UK. 159 workers in 20 countries; Thailand(40), Guinea-Bissau(30), USA(16), Germany(9).
YFGC Yoido Full Gospel Church (Korea) yfgc.fgtv.com
Korea. 552 workers in 54 countries; Japan(206), other Asian(130), Australia(52), NZ(28), Germany(26), Brazil(10), Kenya(10).
YWAM Youth With A Mission ywam.org USA, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Korea, NZ, Pacific, UK. Over 5,000 long term, cross cultural workers in 154 countries, several thousand short term workers.
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