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The King James Version of 1611 is the preferred translation for memory. It is superior due to the direct translation of Hebrew and Greek(Textus Receptus) into English and due also to the many word changes, passage deletions and ommissions contained in most other translations. Memorizing an accurate translation gives you an immediate advantage in understanding the true intended meaning of the passages as the original first and second century Disciples understood it.

Some translations are simply paraphrases or thought for though renditions and NOT true translations, and in some the meaning of the passages are altered and obscured from how the original disciples understood it. An example is that some passages referring to the Lordship of Christ or the words 'Christ' or 'Lord' or references to Hell or the Cross in various forms are removed entirely in some translations!

Abbreviations: E S V - English Standard
K J V - King James
N K J V - New King James
N A S - New American Standard
N I V - New International
N L T -New Living Translation
R S V - Revised Standard
AS - Alexander Scourby
EM - Eric Martin
SJ - Stephen Johnston
ZP - Zondervan Productions
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