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7 Simple Steps to Salvation

7000 Years of World History Part 1
Beginnings To The Flood

7000 Years of World History Part 2
Egypt, Assyria & Babylon

7000 Years of World History Part 3
Medo-Persia, Greece & Rome

The 70th Week of Daniel
Fulfilled by Jesus and His Apostles!

Age of the Earth Chart

The Most Amazing Book! The Bible
The most remarkable, amazing and absolutely UNIQUE book that has ever been written!

The AntiChrist pdf

BFAM Discovery Method pdf

The Big Lie of Evolution Part 1
Darwin's doctrine of delusion exposed

The Big Lie of Evolution Part 2

Bitterness! TOC & Part 1
The Deadly Root that Devours and Destroys!

Bitterness! Part 2
Why Do People Become Bitter?

Bitterness! Part 3
How To Avoid Bitterness

Bitterness! Part 4
How To Get Rid Of Bitterness

Bitterness! Part 5
A Prayer For Deliverance Against Bitterness

The Church System Exposed!
Jesus Never Said To Build Church Buildings

A Comparison of Daniel 9:4,27
The Top 7 Popular Modern Bible Translations To The King James Version

Daniel 11: 36 - 39
Fulfilled by the Pope of Rome!

Daniel's 70 Weeks

A Declaration of Love!

Discovering Truth doc

Its Influence On Eschatology

The Early Protestants Knew Who the Antichrist Is!

The Early Church - Part 1
What The Early Christian Church In Jerusalem Was Like

The Early Church - Part 2
Christian Communism - God's Financial Plan

The Early Church - Part 3
Colonization: Acts 8: 20 (32 - 58 AD)

The Early Church - Part 4
Methods of Delivering The Message; Wisdom & Tact

Jesuit Futurism txt

Flat Earth Theory Totally Trashed!

Freedom From Fears
Through Faith In Jesus!

Genesis Chapter 1
Indicates the Earth is a Rotating Sphere

Gog & Magog identified
Turkey, Not Russia!

Healing in His Wings!
Jesus Heals Sick Bodies Today!

In The Image & Likeness of God

Proof that Jesus is the Messiah!

Loving Shepherds doc

Letters by David Berg

The Meaning of the 7 Seals
Revelation Chapter 6

The Meaning of the Number 8 in Bible:
New Beginnings

Out of This World - Part 1
The Spirit World Revealed!

Out of This World - Part 2
Inhabitants of the Spirit World!

Out of This World - Part 3
What About? Questions!

The Political System - Part 1
The Relation of a Follower of Christ to Governments

The Political System - Part 2
Types & Flaws In Man's Governance Systems

The Political System - Part 3
The Rise of One World Governments

Rest As An Offensive Weapon

Revolutionary New Life!

In Search Of The Truth
Answers to many of Life's most Meaningful Questions!

Self-righteousness Part 1
Beware of the Leaven of the Pharisees

Self-righteousness Part 2
False Righteousness / Real Righteousness

Self-righteousness Part 3
Sinning Saints

Self-righteousness Part 4
David & Saul; The Difference

Self-righteousness Part 5
Pride: The Root of all Sin

Sin & The Cause of Prayerlessness
Andrew Murray

Somebody Loves You!

The 3 Schools of Interpretation of Bible Prophecy
Preterism, Futurism, Historicism

The Antichrist Is Hidden In Plain Sight

The Iron and the Clay of Daniel Chapter 2
Compared to Modern Western Democracy

The True Meaning of the Word "Antichrist"

What is "The Covenant" of Daniel 9:27?

Who is Jesus? Part 1
Historical & biblical documentation

Who is Jesus? Part 2
Questions & Answers

Whose Fool Are You?
Do You Believe in Evolution? Or Creation!

Why Is There Death & Suffering?
Ken Ham & Mark Looy, editors

Romanism and the Reformation

Washington In The Lap of Rome

Sin & the Cause of Prayerlessness

Rest As An Offensive Weapon

OT Gospel of Jesus

Passover Parable

Rest In The Lord

Wanna Hear a Whopper?