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1950 Shopsmith Catalog

1952 Shopsmith Owners Guide

Shopsmith Info Brochure

Shopsmith Catalog Cover

2694 Later Owners Guide

Speed Chart Guide

Shop Smith 10 ER Paperwork

1953 Adjustments

Bench Specs

Vernier Tapes

Buying a Used Shopsmith Mark V

Mark V, Mark 7

Mark V Owners Manual Compressed

Mark V, Mark 7 Home Page

Headstock Service Manual pps 1-12

Shopsmith Help Kit Manual

Shopsmith Alignment And Maintenance Manual

Shopsmith Toolbox

Major Project

Front Layout 1

Front Layout 2

Side Layout

Partition Assembly

Base Side Layout

Box To Base Connection

Typical Drawer Construction

Base Detail 1

Compartment Bottom
1952 Accessories

Shopsmith Accessories Catalog

Caster Assembly

Jigsaw Manual

Jointer Shaper Fence

Magna 4 in Jointer Guide

1953, 4 Jointer Manual

Jointer Mounting Kit

Magna Accessories

Miter Stop Rods

Mortising Guide

Sliding Table Auxiliary Fence

Shaper Fence 505508

Speed Changer

Shopsmith 10ER Outfeed Adapter

General Jigs for All

Anti-Gravity Miter Jig

Outfeed Table Mounts

Outfeed Table Layout

Home Made Guard

Home Made Guard pic 1

Home Made Guard pic 2

Home Made Guard pic 3

Home Made Guard pic 4

Home Made Guard pic 5

Home Made Guard pic 6
Owners Site

Shopsmith Academy

Color Owner's Guide

Hands On Issue Archives

Hands On # 50 Vol 4


Number 1 &2

Number 3

Number 4

Number 5

Number 6

Number 7

Number 8

Number 9

Number 10


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Jointer - Shaper Fence / Cutter

Miter Guage Stop Rod

Mounting Kit

Owners Guide

Shaper Fence

Speed Changer

Speed Chart