The Road Home Pic

"The Road Home" is CD number 3. This CD was dedicated to my niece, Kayla, who passed away in November of 2009. She will be greatly missed. "The Road Home" is mostly instrumentals and was distributed to family and friends around Christmas of 2010.

The Road Home     (Listen To Whole CD)

Practice In G   Practice In G
Temporary World   Temporary World
Angels Watch Over Us   Angels Watch Over Us
Be Thou My Vision   Be Thou My Vision
Heaven Is Full Of Sinners Words Heaven Is Full Of Sinners
I Can't Pay You Back   I Can't Pay You Back
Prophets Last Warning   Prophets Last Warning
Why Wait Another Day Words Why Wait Another Day
Trail of Tears   Trail of Tears
Remembering Kayla   Remembering Kayla
Lord Of Heaven B   Lord Of Heaven B