If you have patches for other pedals please let me know and I will post them here. This page is NOT a moving target, so the docs will be accessable from anywhere with internet access in case you cannot store them locally or need a backup!

g2.1u Patches

Patch List



Custom Patches

Clean Guitar Live

Amp Patches

Slash Clean Guitar Live

Marxhall SLP 1959

Led Zepplin - Stairway

Led Zepplin

Paige Marxhall SLP 1959

Jimi Hendrix

Sat - Vai Wah Wah

Satriani Vai Wah Wah

Barry - Johnny B. Goode

Chuck Barry

Joe Satriani

Always with Me 1

Always with Me 2

Always with Me 3

Starry Night

Surfing Starry Night

Love Thing

Surfing Love Thing

Surfing with Guitar


Eric Johnson


Guitar Patch txt

Guitar Patch

Cliffs Of Dover