Starting Small Engines

Why Does My Small Engine Not Start???

  1. Check fuel tank for fuel. Low fuel may be too little fuel for engine to start. You really want to start a job with a full tank of fuel anyway.
  2. Check fuel cut-off valve on fuel tank - Make sure it is ON.
  3. Does carburetor have a primer bulb?/ If so, press it three to five times before attempting to start engine.
  4. Are you using fresh/clean fuel??? Use fuel less than 90 days old unless fuel stabilizer has been added.
  5. If the engine is cold, have you choked the engine?? Have you choked it too much and flooded the engine?
  6. Are all safety switches closed?/ Seat, blade, reverse, others???
  7. Check spark plug for wetness (fuel) after cranking. Is plug wet?
  8. 8. Check spark plug for proper spark. Spark should be blue, not yellow.
  9. 9. Check spark to spark plug. Is spark blue? No spark, problem could be bad coil. If you suspect coil, take to shop and have checked.
  10. Try new spark plug if plug in use is old, dirty or cracked.