Make Questions

Drop-Down Exercise

Make questions from the sentences.Enter your answers in the gaps. When you have entered all the answers, click on the "Check" button.

1. He comes to school every day. Question: he come to school every day? 2. They are eating dinner now. Question: they eating dinner now? 3. The children want to go home. Question: the children want to go home? 4. She waits for the bus every day. Question: she wait for the bus every day? 5. He is waiting for the bus now. Question: he waiting for the bus now? 6. I want a new car. Question: you want a new car? 7. We understand the teacher. Question: you understand the teacher? 8. He studies every day. Question: he study every day? 9. They are studying English. Question: they studying English?10. Our class begins at ten o'clock. Question: Does our class begin at ten o'clock?