Answer the questions with "Yes".

Drop Down Exercise

Answer the questions with "yes".Enter your answers in the gaps. When you have entered all the answers, click on the "Check" button.

1. Are the children studying? Yes, they . 2. Do you go to school every day? Yes, I . 3. Are they waiting for the bus now? Yes, they . 4. Are you studying English right now? Yes, I . 5. Does he wait for the bus here every day? Yes, he . 6. Does she study English every day? Yes, she . 7. Is your father working now? Yes, he . 8. Do you want to go to a movie? Yes, I . 9. Does your brother like to work? Yes, he . 10. Do they always come to school? Yes, they . 11. Does he study a lot? Yes, he . 12. Do you drink coffee? Yes, I . 13. Does the man drink beer? Yes, he . 14. Are they watching TV? Yes, they . 15. Do they watch TV every night? Yes, they .