Using the verb "to be'--am, is, are

Drop Down Exercise

Please change these sentences into questions. Enter your answers in the gaps. When you have entered all the answers, click on the "Check" button. Example: He is a good student. Question: Is he a good student?

1. I an ESL student. My brother in college.

2. We from Mexico. Our friends from Russia.

3. You a good teacher. The children good students.

4. He a good friend of mine. He seventeen years old.

5. My car very old. My books very expensive.

6. His father at home today. He sick.

7. Our dog very old. Your dog young.

8. I thirty years old. My wife twenty-nine.

9. Today Monday. Tomorrow Tuesday.

10. The date today January the first. Tomorrow January the second.

11. You my best friend. You very nice.

12. The houses on our street old. They fifty years old.

13. My grandfather in bed. He sick.

14. His mother at home today. Today her day off from work.

15. We in class every day. We very good students.