Practice with theVerb "to be". Change Verbs to Negative.

Drop Down Exercise

Enter your answers in the gaps. When you have entered all the answers, click on the "Check" button. Change these sentences to the negative. Examples: He is a good student.--He is not a good student. He isn't a good student. He's not a good student.

1. The boy is sick. The boy sick. 2. We are happy. We happy. 3. They are very hungry. They very hungry. 4. She is mad. She mad. 5. I am fat. I fat. 6. He is at school. He at school. 7. The children are in the house. The children in the house. 8. My father and I are at home. My father and I at home. 9. The woman is very old. The women very old.10. You are very nice. You very nice.11. You and your brother are my friends. You and your brother my friends.12. His mother is in the hospital. His mother in the hospital.13. The woman and her sister are here now. The woman and her sister here now.14. We are at school. We at school.15. My cat is in a tree. My cat in a tree.16. The dog and the cat are hungry. The dog and the cat hungry.