Subject Pronouns

Drop Down Exercise

Enter your answers in the gaps. When you have entered all the answers, click on the "Check" button.

1. John is not here today. is at home.

2. Mary, you are our friend. are very nice.

3. The children are not at school today. are at home.

4. Maria is my sister. is older than I am.

5. The book is not new. is old.

6. My mother and father are not here now. will come home later.

7. Those houses are not small. are very big.

8. Where is my book? can't find it.

9. My friend and I are hungry. want to go to a restaurant.

10. You and your friend are very tall. are not short.

11. His mother is very nice. is also a good cook.

12. I want to go to bed. and very tired.

13. My family and I live in Spokane. like Spokane very much.

14. Bill wants to learn English. studies very hard.

15. Jimmy and Janice are my friends. often come to my house.

16. Our dog is not young. is old.