Practice Using "Since" and "For"

Drop Down Exercise

Enter your answers in the gaps. When you have entered all the answers, click on the "Check" button. Choose "since" or "for".

1. We have lived in Spokane 1992.

2. The students have been waiting for the teacher ten minutes.

3. John has been interested in girls he was thirteen years old.

4. My uncle has been living in Seattle six years.

5. She has been sick last Friday.

6. I have known her I was a little boy.

7. He has been in the hospital four days.

8. She has had a computer she started college.

9. They have been good friends many years.

10. I have owned this car last September.

11. He has been a carpenter the last twenty-five years.

12. I have had a toothache two days.

13. He has studied English he came to the United States.

14. They have know each other they met two years ago.

15. He has played the piano he was a little boy.

16. They have been waiting for the bus a long time.