More Practice With Prepositions

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After many years of teaching English as a Second Language, I have realized that teaching prepositions is very difficult. There are really very few rules to help students learn prepositions. I believe this is true in every language. Often students attempt to translate prepositions directly from their native language into English. Sometimes the translation is correct, but often it is not.


I did develop a set of rules which I call Travel Prepositions. These rules seem to work very well for my students, but are useful for a very limited set of prepositions.


Because of the lack of good rules when using prepositions, I have decided to give my students practice using the prepositions that I have found to be most useful in every day conversations.


The following pages are the ones that I have been using. The students will make mistakes as they try to pick the conrrect prepositons for each page. I hope that the students will not find this too frustrating Many prepositons from one page will appear again on the next page.


I do hope that you find this useful.


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