Jack's Life

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Jack's Life


My name is Jack Raney. I am sixty-five years old. I was six years old when my family came to Spokane. I went to grade school when I was only six years old. Later I went to college.

I met my wife when I was twenty-one years old. We have five children. Four of our children are boys, and one child is a girl. We are very proud of our children. Our oldest child is forty-two years old, and our youngest is thirty five.

We also have five grandchildren. Two of our grandchildren live in California. Two of our grandchildren live in Seattle, and one of our grandchildren lives in Spokane. He is a nine-year old boy. His name is Alex. I see Alex about every two weeks. We are always happy when our grandchildren come to visit us.

My wife is a housewife and I am a teacher. I love teaching and want to teach my students for many more years. We only live about six blocks from school, so I can drive to school in about three minutes. I have very good students and they study very hard. Some of my students come from Vietnam, and some come from the Ukraine. I also have students from many other countries.

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