NOTE: Although some of the tutorials here are very old they cover the foundation principals that current programs, networks and operating systems are built on. Newer versions of older products add back end services, additional security and user enhancements.
This principle does not apply to older operating systems however. Win 7 and 2010 have very different architectures than XP and before, although the interface principals are similar enough to catch on using an older platform to learn on.
The foundation skills still have to be learned and using legacy products is an in-expensive way to pick up skills.

For blending software with hardware skills select either "Maker Dev" on this page or "Electronics Lab" above, then go to the "Arduino" page right side link.


Blue J

Visual Studio .NET Intro

VS6-The Complete Reference

Java Learn J Builder

Eclipse IDE, API docs
Stanford CS106A

Visual Studio .NET
Intro to VB

Moving To Visual Studio 2010

Viibe Order Form

Viibe White paper

White Papers

Advanced Keyboards

ASCII Chart 0 - 127

CD Label Specs

File Extension Index

DOS Errors

Keyboard Shortcuts Win95/98

PC FAQs & Newsgroups

PC99 Sys Compliance Standards

PC Standards Chart

How to Develop An Online Course


Invisible Engines

Stanford CS 106A
Downloadable PDFs

The Most Complex Machine

Software Engineering for Internet Applications

Relational Databases & Internet App Programming

Guide to Web Publishing

Database Backed Web Sites


File Management OLD

Create a digital Signature

Rights and Creative Commons Licensing

Photoshop CS4 Read Me

AVS Media Player Help

Win Issues (Win 95,98)


Tape Drives

VDO Adapters & Accelerators

USB Troubleshooting

Removable Media Drives

VDO Capture Cards

Virus Symptoms & Counters

PC Cards & Periferals

PC TV / Radio Cards

Pen Systems & Touchpads

Refill HP Cartridges

Desk Note User Guide

Maker Dev

Maker Code Libraries

Arduino Demos


7 Dev Projects

Hot Potatoes

Hot Potatoes Setup 6305 .exe
Right Click - "Save As"

Intro To Customizing Hot Potatoes

Hacking Hot Potatoes

Hot Potatoes Source Files & Placeholders


Jasmine Lee Beginner Rubik Solution

Dragon Naturally Speaking 7 User Guide

Handbook For Bloggers

Adobe Illustrator 10 - Help Manual



Photoshop 7 JavaScript Ref

Photoshop CS4 ReadMe

Flash 5 Advnced Workbook

Flash How To