Rules for Lab Computers.

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Welcome to the computer lab! Our classes are designed to meet your individual needs so you may progress at your own pace. In our lab, you will find students working in different programs and at many different levels to reach their individual goals. Your success in this lab is based upon attendance, progress, and adult behavior. Because of the large number of students enrolled and the equipment involved, certain classroom rules and procedures are necessary to ensure that all students have a favorable learning environment.

Specific activity guidelines are posted on each computer station and each student has a signature item regarding “Use of the Internet”.

Music has been allowed under certain guidelines: meaning internet music and cd music must be pre-approved.

Excluded activities are specifically: NO social networking! "My Space" or  "FaceBook" is not considered "School Related" activities. Neither is personal blogging, surfing auction sites, buying or selling, filling forms with personal information (subscriptions, questionnaires, surveys) outside of job searches and housing, downloading of helpers, toolbars or smilies, weather or time aids, screen saver software, or chat rooms.

No internet exploration or "research" of contraband including weapons, sex sites, marriage/dating service sites, hacking sites or other non “school related” sites.

Games are limited to ESL (English as a Second Language), word type games. On-line gaming / gambling is not allowed.

FTP uploads, File sharing or Executable downloads are not allowed.

Computer Lab hours are posted on the doors of the computer labs. Please adhere to these schedules. Your instructor will advise you of your lab schedule and break and/or lunch times and bathroom locations. Instructors will do everything they can to help you.

(Individual instructors may require additional procedure / rules)

  • Sign in when you arrive and sign out when you leave.
  • Students are expected to attend every scheduled class day. (Some students may have a customized schedule.).
  • Students are expected to call if they are unable to attend. After 5 missed days with no contact, students will be dropped from the class. Once dropped, students must make an appointment with a counselor to re-enroll.
  • Disruptive behavior of any kind, either in the classroom, in the building, or on the premises, will not be tolerated.
  • Follow the scheduled times for breaks.
  • Maintain a positive relationship with other students.
  • Drugs and alcohol are forbidden, including prior to class.
  • Weapons, explosive devices, hazardous chemicals are forbidden on any college property.
  • Cell phones must be turned off or on silent mode. If you must answer a call, leave the classroom immediately to avoid distracting other students.

Note: Your continuance in the class is contingent on following these agreements!

Sign the forms (select the 'print' links) and return before proceeding. Read each form, then press the Print button next to each form, print the forms out, sign and turn in to your instructor.

Do not proceed without reading and signing the forms.

Lab Guidelines(Rev2-09) Print

Classroom Procedures Print

Computer Policy For Internet Users Print

The Internet is a global computer network composed of millions of contributing networks that support thousands of information systems around the world. Users have access to:

  • Communication through electronic mail with other users around the world.
  • Information and news from public and private organizations.
  • Information from college and university library catalogs.

Enjoy using the Internet, but please follow the policy of the computer lab regarding its use. All computer use must be school related. E-mail is OK but FaceBook or MySpace is personal and cannot be considered "School Related".