Prerequisites and Requirements

As of this writing the pre-requisites are that students wishing to go into software development, woodshop or electronics MUST complete the beginning classes as outlined on the Labs Home Page.

All students can access this site from anywhere to use the classes that are available. Keep in mind that the classes and web site is still being developed and changes are constantly being made. So changes may happen from one quarter to the next.

The lab agreements are included on the list below. Your continuance in this class is contingent on turning in these agreements.

Class & Internet Rules

Computer Lab Guidelines

Classroom Procedures

Classroom Procedures - Rules Contract

Computer Lab Internet Policy


The classes are designed to meet your individual need so that you can progress at your own pace. Instructions are kept simple, the classes can be printed out for reference and the vocabulary is kept simple for lower level readers and English as a Second Language students.

The computer classes are presented in sequence and assume that the student knows nothing about computers. Presenting in this way will fill in any "gray" areas, so even if you feel that you know something, go ahead and read the classes from the beginning. I have added tips and tricks that "aren't in the book" so that learning new material will be interesting.


The labs are open Monday to Thursday and are closed Fridays.

Data Disks and Data Files

Data disk and lab folders are set up in the "My Documents" folder located on the desktop. Inside of "My Documents" is a folder called "Students". If you do not have a folder with your name on it, create one there. This folder will contain all of your working files. Copy your files onto your USB for backup. Keep your files safe!

Class Data Files are located on the web site. As you progress through the classes, pertinent data files are linked so that they are available at the click of the mouse. Simply download the file into your student folder and continue on with the course.

Dictionaries, Phone Books and Reference Materials

Later in the course a Glossary of computer terms is going to be very important. Print the glossary out and keep it handy for ready reference during the classes. Also on hand you may want a good dictionary and any other reference materials. You may also want to create your own as you go.

Computer Settings

Some lessons will teach you how to manipulate the operating system. The lessons that reference system settings are for reference or home use only. On your own home computers it is possible that by changing system settings the computer will operate and react very differently than when you started it. It is important to remember:

  1. Shutting off and restarting the computer will not reset these settings.
  2. Make your choices very carefully. It is wise to write down system settings before you change them so that they can be changed back if there are undesirable consequences.

This class will ONLY show you where these settings are located and how to adjust them, and basically what they are used for.