Computer Lab

Basic Computers curriculum is designed to be flexible based on the student’s interests and needs. There are no prerequisites but all that are going into programming, PC Repair / Certification, Electronics or woodworking need to have all of the skills in the basic computer classes.

All students who express a desire not to take formal keyboarding may go on to other software packages. The instructor may assess the student to determine appropriate placement within these courses.

Students may focus on one or several software packages. The software packages include Open Office or Microsoft Word processing, Spreadsheets or Microsoft Excel, Databases or Microsoft Access, Presentations or Microsoft PowerPoint, Basic Macro Programming, and HTML web page development (After all computer basics classes are completed).

"Advanced" reference materials and information up to the certification level in Cycso, Oracle, MCSE tracks.

Computer Lab

Computer Lab - Orientation

Computer Lab - Curriculum

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Software Development Lab

Extending office suite spreadsheet or database products using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), writing new programs in C flavors, assembly, Java, scripting and Visual Basic. Certification materials and information.

Web dev using IDEs, Dreamweaver Cold Fusion, Java, BlueJ or content management systems.

Software lab

Software Lab - Web Development

Software Lab - General Programming

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Electronics Lab

Electronics and tutorials for intro courses up to engineering. Arduino boards are used.

Code libraries for programming steppers, microcomputers, chips, robotics and demos.

Electronics Lab


Code Libraries A to Z

Electronics Lab - Projects

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Farming / Gardening & Agriculture

Livestock and herd management, vet medical, apiary, beekeeping and building equipment, crop management and irrigation.

Building plans for hundreds of structures through University of Tennessee Extension Office, solar panels.

Farm Lab - Animals

Farm Lab - Horticulture and Gardening

Farm Lab - Hydroponics

Farm Lab - Building Plans

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Crop machines, garden house machinery, material handlers, top of crop harvesters

Season prep, small engine care, oils, tractors, trucks and winterize.

Landscaping Machines

Machine Shop

Small Engines

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Studio & Music

Using Pro Tools, spec sheets on mixers, digital recorders,amps, pedals etc.

How to on software, cubase, guitar pedal patches and controllers

Studio Docs

Contollers and Mixers

Pedal Patches

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Shop / Woodworking

Gates, Benches, Furnature large and small, indoor, outdoor, projects large and small.

jigs, how to tips, material supply, references, lookup charts.

Jigs & Tips



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