Farm and Garden - Development and Production

Serenity Farm is owned and operated by Ray and Fern located in beautiful Latah, Washington. We will sell products in the farmers markets throughout the area. You can follow our blog at "Bumbling Beekeepers" on blogspace.

Students will learn the farming expertise that the modern farms demand in order to remain productive and competitive in today's marketplace. Farming is marketing, bartering, trading in exchange for ... and deliberating prices, products, livestock and people issues!. The student will learn the nuances of the modern farm / gardening operatons.


Plans & Make

Solar energy, construction plans, outbuilding plans, feather pluckers, small balers, layout of the land and garden, estimates for costs in feed, seed and fuel.


Large herd management, livestock housing, feeders, bees, bats, goats, poultry and vet medical issues, theory, stuctures and troubleshooting are covered.


Hoop systems, greenhouses, nutrition, local resources, conversion sheets, spraying, Wills and Trusts and legals, how-to and tips

Water Management

Watering systems forlivestock, crop irrigation patterns, pumps and theory.

Pets and Pests

Unwanted animals, culls, insect management, rodents, pet dogs, cats and fish.


Build cheap alternatives to pumps using a small air pump, using PVC effectively, temperature control, product, waste water management.


Honey Bee management. Bee equipment specs, how-to make your own equipment, apiary startup tips, marketing value added products