Software Development - Programming

Office Program Suites are sets of programs created by the same manufacturer. Students will learn about the power and flexibility of Office program Macros, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), C and C.Net programming, Assembly Language, Datyabase Programming, Scripting and Web Site Programming.

Students will learn the programming expertise that the programs demand in order to leverage the power "behind the scenes". Data management is becoming more difficult to learn and the mistakes are costly, both in time and resources. Students will understand the techniques in getting the program to do what needs to be done.

Office Suite Programming

Visual Basic for Applications

Just because the Office programs are in place and run well doesn't mean that they will do what you need them to do right out of the box. Students will find ways that the program "could" perform better.


Data Management, database platforms, theory, stucture and troubleshooting are covered. Oracle, Access, SQL and certification tracks are presented. Certification sample tests are provided to hone skills.

Programming Languages

There simply isn't time in one life to know and use all of the languages out there. Students can select and choose from several languages:


Assembly is a core level language. Others are condsidered "Upper level" languages. Assembly is a printable book

C, C#, C.Net

The C programming suite is available for those needing a C programming base. Java and some other languages are based on C.

Visual Basic

Visual languages, Visual C, Visual Basic, Visual J are part of the Visual Studio for Applications suite available in the lab.

Web Development

Web programming languages go beyond HTML. HTML Basics and the understanding of markup and presentation are required first. After basic web sites are up and running, understanding the concepts of server / clients, protocols and basic css are covered. Then the student can begin using an IDE of choice (Webber, HomeSite, Visual Studio, Dreamweaver etc.) to develop more in-depth connection strings in several languages (PHP, ASP, ColdFusion etc.)

Hand coding HTML is a must-learn. Students will learn coding standards and understand about programs that add "Auto-Code" tags and presentation mark-up.

Web Languages

Java, Javascript, Scripts, PHP, MySQL and HTML Flavors. Java is presented in several layers and flavors. DreamWeaver is used as an IDE but others are available. Hand coding is strongly encouraged with automated generation checked at each development stage.


Using DreamWeaver 8 the important concepts of template designs, Web Page types, Site Setup (IIS, Apache testing servers) and FTP (remote servers)are covered.

Web Site Design

Content management systems, database driven sites, accessability web site designs, Internet applications and giodes to web publishing are covered.


Certification sample tests and certification materials are available to each 2nd year student. However, those students requesting to challenge the tests can do so and certification information is available to all students anytime.

Certification tests are NOT given on site. Each certification must be taken at the designated time and place after registration through the company administering the tests.